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An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
100th Comment!
whar my medal?!
In your first quest that Mayor Licky gives you, it says "cound you beat a few of them for me?"
i hope you added taillow to the game like ive suggested
+1 for atmosphere

-1 for failure to provide any of the following: donuts, fire(if its coming out of a pokemon's asshole it doesnt count), lasers, zombies
When is this game coming back up?
Ken is readding alot of stuff that was missing, like party system and some NPCs... It will be up later on today I assume.
Is the attack force palm in this game?
Please post your questions in the forum...
I'm in vacation atm. While I'm away Ken will be coding new attacks, and when I get back you'll have the new maps I'm making added aswell... We never stop working! (for now)
add me to pager if u need icons
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Tiago7727 wrote:
add me to pager if u need icons

Lol Zete need icons.
Pokemon Z will be hosted STARTING tommorow night indefinetly 24/7, don't miss out on the grand opening to get a head start in leveling your baby Pokemon up! there will be many Tournament events held with fabolous and UNIQUE prizes in the next few days!

Gotta be the best ;)
It's up! (Hopefully for good now)
when is it gonna be up again?
The games back up guys, enjoy! we'll update a bit slower than we have done in the past because we're working on a TCG (original).
The game is up but we had to revert to an older source so expect some bugs as we straighten shit out.
Give it a day people. So many bugs to filter out that I have to keep restarting to apply fixes.
Some buggy movement. If stuck and its your turn try moving using the arrow keys as that should make mouse movement possible!
Yer, movement is pretty much impossible while fighting.
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Red Tornado wrote:
Yer, movement is pretty much impossible while fighting.

Scratch that.. it's fine.
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