by Zete
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
Algo LŠa
this game sucks.. why not make the battle of pokemon instant? instead of it taking the "player" into another battle "map zone"? doing that would make this game epic for every pokemon lover.

Ps.. original pokemon theme song is masonic.. backward version(subminimal message) of the song is about satan and sex etc..
you saying this game sucks because of single feature? xD game cannot "suck" because of single thing xD besides it would require totally remake the battle system to do it way you want and my own opinion is that current battle is better than the one you are suggesting
Is this game gonna come back up??
i miss this game
when will it be back up?
The game is up. As long as the old memory leak is fixed I'll keep it up :=)
is it old version on purpose?
I couldn't find any newer file to be honest. Tell Zete to send them to me
alright, so training right now is useless new files will need another wipe right?
I didn't even know there was any newer files
you can see on hub screenshots completely diffrent hud and in newer files there are eggs
There are eggs in this
I'll ask Zete
o_O i am quite sure there isnt as there isnt that incubator machine in first town
i love this game thx zete
Ok so! Until the new source has been provided (Ken is working on it) I'll be taking down the server as this version has sme annoying bugs in it.
when will it be bck?
at tuesday ken will be free, so maybe that day or few days after that, thats my own estimate atleast and should be true unless something happens
why cant i join the sever O_O
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