by Zete
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
Kecleon doesn't bring up a shop for me, and every time I hover over an item a blank white box appears. Something I'm doing wrong or what?
items havn't been coded into the shops yet xD
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Coming Soon, Cleffa & It's Evos

Edit: I had to make them from scratch btw lol.
New Screenshot added with Snow Areas Town map... Good Luck finding it muahahaha
Trying to figure out why the heck the game doesn't show up on the hub. Might have to wipe the node. Not sure just yet!
we'll be hosting an updated version of PZ to bug test on a temporary host (tim) please report what you find... ty
I still wonder why you didn't just make an Isometric multiplayer version of mystery dungeon ... would have been much better than this game no offence
Will we ever get our old files back?
What old files? whatever old file you had is gone forever now dude, wipe is a almost a week old now lol.
Indigo is the winner of the Screenshot event! I've also put the rest of the screenies in the HUB showcase as a "Runners Up" award, thanks for participating!
I think this game is awesome and also I need to know how to communicate with other players and join parties?
There is a + button on the bottom left side that brings up the chat box. Press w to whisper any player online. To party someone right click them and hit the party button, if he accepts you'll see your HP bars on the top left hand side...
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k, Zete.

I was as usually playing with my Togepi, spamming metronome.
Today, I logged in, I wanted to use metronome, but it wasn't working. Don't know why.

- Problem : There isn't any red square ( I fucking had drago rage. ;-; ).

Please, fix this problem, my only attack is... ATTACK ! .___."
Yeah should be fixed now.
Can you please fix the glitch where you are stuck viewing battles it's really annoying

Other than that it's a great game I hope for this game to be on the popular BYOND games in the future :)
can you make this game like when you login you can test your move without runing into enemies?
The amount of cheaters that decide to not play the game right is outrageous , completely ruining the entire game for the people who play legit like my self. Being warned by the owner to not cheat , that punishment is a wipe of your char and possible ban just wasn't enough. Cheating doesn't get you anywhere why do it? Totally making the game Distasteful.
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