Mystic Journey

by Gunbuddy13
Mystic Journey
Fight. Explore. Survive.
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Okay so i just got on my byond after being away fo years and year cause i played this from when i was like 10-15 lol now im 23 and honestly im into the back in the day times right now and i REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!! please bring it back!!
Seriously. But not with that remade crap SRC's. I wish I had the original source code for the game. I'd totally bring up a server and find some people to help code some updates.
Oh lord, I miss this game, I just installed byond again for this game, it's a shame that it's not up...
Or perhaps I could come back and update it myself :)
Is MJ coming back??
Yes it is :)
OMG is this still happening i couldnt believe my eyes when i noticed this post was somewhat recent!!!
Gunbuddy, when do you think that MJ will be up? I've been dying to play the original.
I hope it is soon, this is the only game I want to play on byond. I basically retired after it completely faded away. Come on MJ! I miss the good ole days, I still got Lady Arwen on my friend list back when she hosted. Ah good times, yes I doubt MJ would have any problems if it was to return now. Specially now that byond has buckled down and is encouraging original games, no longer is it plagued with 100's of fan based games! I'm sure players both old to byond and new users would flock to M.J. I couldn't see why not. Anywho I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Is this still happeneing?
My server is up byond://
Ver:391 with almost all verbs.
Come back!! I miss this game!
Not sure if gunbuddy is against this or not but here's a working server of mystic journey.