Full Metal Alchemist Grand Adventure

by PhantomRageX
Full Metal Alchemist Grand Adventure
Welcome to Full Metal Alchemist Grand Adventure we are now in close beta (WIP)
StoryLine - It Starts Out as you makeing your character and starting your Adventure(Note: you will age every day so dont worry).

Combat - There will be Different kinds of Combat. All will be choosend when you make your character.

Gameplay - The gameplay is simple. Its all how you play.

Alchemist - There will be classes for you to choose from. there is Fire,Earth,Wind,Water,guns,and Full Metal.

Bosses - There will be more than 5 bosses in the game. Some easy some Hard its up to the stats you gain by Leveling.

Leveling - Leveling in this game is not a hold down Macros. You must kill monsters and enemies in the game.

Skills - Fire is a homing class(NOTE: you can only use fire with your glove on).Earth is a Strength and Defence Class. Wind is a Agility Class. Water is a Defence Class. Guns is a Long Range Class. And Full Metal is a Strength and Defence Class. We will not Over Power any class in the game.

If you wanna help just Email me at [email protected]

Ive known about this game for 3 years so i was wondering when it comes out if i culd Admin/GM