Part 1 of my best friends list is about Saint6192.
As far as i know, he enjoys playing DME (Duel Monsters Expert) and DMU (Duel Monsters Unlimited)and he hosts a kick ass server on DMU.

Things he hate: Annoucement spam on his DMU server, Blackwings (which he calls Cheapwings), Black Rose Dragon and Black Rose Dragon decks.

Things he like: Power Tool Dragon, Making decks (i think so since he's nearly always making decks), to duel and Morphtronics

That's about it!
Keep an eye out for the next part, maybe it features you (if you're my friend, that is).
Thanks Mate....i didnt realise it back then but you really where my best friend on here. If u ever come back on read this and know im sorry for whenever i have treated you truely where the best^^