One Piece: Shichibukai Tyranny

by Dogtown_Duddy
One Piece: Shichibukai Tyranny
One Piece game in progress!
Current Staff:
Owner - Duddy (Dogtown_Duddy)
- Suno/Manny (Sun0)
- Shinzami/Alex (Alex11234242)
Well, not much to say as of yet except the traits I will be adding and here is a short list:

Gomu Gomu Fruit: This trait's techniques are based on the character 'Luffys' abilities. These abilities include; 25% faster than normal people, Rubber Body (Damage Resistant - still determining how resistant it will be), Superhuman Strength (Will probably be like 15% more strength than the normal character.

Swordsmanship: The only trait that can wield more than one sword. Depending on your level and stats you can have use up to 3 swords at one time. Swordsmen will also get a boost to their sword speed and base running speed depending on stats.

Trap Master: This trait is based off what the character Usopp uses in the anime. You will be a master of trap techniques and will be able to; use a long ranged slingshot to shoot all sorts of objects (can be upgraded to a Kabuto which is a better more powerful and accurate slingshot), rubber bands and some other weapons (hammers, caltrops, smokebombs, and other undecided stuns).

Katana - A fairly powerful curved but sharp sword that is basic and very common to the average swordsmen, this is the weakest of the swords.

Nodachi - A large two-handed sword. Compared to the Katana, the Nodachi costs ALOT more and requires certain stats to be able to use it properly.

These are just starters so if you got any ideas please shout them out.