I released a small patch to Pokemon Challenger today that fixes the infamous "server lockup" bug that would spring up on servers from time to time.

Even if the bug itself isn't fixed, the servers automatically reboot after some time either way just to be safe, if nobody is playing.

Behind the scenes, the update actually has huge chunks of the game rewritten to handle some of the new things that will be supported by the full release of the game - which is certainly in the works!

If you notice any problems, let me know here or on the official forums:
Hi I was going to ask you if I could have a Graphical MUDkit and a building system like Builders Fantasy to create buildings (Create your own house) And the Action control codes from your library.? Cause somehow..I can't download your resources..
If you can my msn is: [email protected]
your ticking off a lot of people by not adding waves 51-100
ShadowX666 wrote:
your ticking off a lot of people by not adding waves 51-100

While I'd love to release the full game tonight, it's just not ready yet.

It's all a volunteer effort anyways, it's not like I'm getting paid to add the new waves.

Be patient. =)
Polatrite, why don't you release host files of Pokémon Challenger? I really would like to play it, but to me your servers lag. D:
I think it's just me..
Polatrite Please Fix challenger Make it so 'guests' cant play,