by Sphinxe1
New Horror Survival/Adventure Game, come check it out. If you like Resident'll definitely like this.
Survival/Horror Action Adventure

In a world, where tears no longer show meaning, where the cries of the unborn are never heard, where the lives of people are no longer valuable and where the tones of sorrow run like a never ending river. The sudden change for the planet earth has brought forth the true meaning of once a forgotten word, because of the occurrence of this tragedy the state of the world is now in true Despair.
Because of human nature, nature it self is becoming corrupted.

What you might want to know

Original Art and Icons
Original Codes
Original Fun
Completely Verbless

Game Features

Leveling system
Cash system
Trade system
Elemental Magic System
Squad Based modes
Sound Responsive Enemies
Upgradeable Skills
Upgradeable weapons
Melee Weapons
Breakable miscellaneous and useful objects

Awesomeness to the Max!

Date Started: 10/07/09

Teamwork is a must.

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Teamwork is usually a must? But I see you all alone on that screenshot D:
That looks epic.
Love your "Help" pic bro.
Mastermen112 wrote:
Love your "Help" pic bro.

Thanks hahaha
Looks awesome
wow...i really hate shooting games and resident evil like games on BYONDs but this gane i luv already and graphics are awesome....nice game
This game was rated by the ESRB...?
i like the idea :D
i was seeing your logo and i find something to do...
here is it.
it looks better?
Well, it looks different :D
sphinxe i wanted to ask u something if talk to me at [email protected] if u use messenger
Can you open it?!
I Really want to try this... good comments good graphics and what looks like good game play...
Spihnxe can you please host??
I wanna play, did you quit on this game?
Sphinxe1 wrote:

How is the progress, on the game?
He didn't quit, Sphinxe is just busy with college and shit, this game is still being worked on
Mastermen112 wrote:
He didn't quit, Sphinxe is just busy with college and shit, this game is still being worked on

Yeah what he said...
I'm working diligently piecing together my ideas and artwork...editing, correcting and creating many days out of the week.

Don't want to give any dates out atm though.
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