Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

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New charachters : Naruto Yellow flash mode (donate only ) Hashirama Senju (donate only )
Killer Bee (free pick ) A ( Free pick ) Kabuto ( Only if Gm make him available )

Skiils : Naruto yellow flash :
1)Rasengan : will use 1/4 of hes max chakra dealing good amount of damage cooldown like others rasengan
2) Yellow flash : choosing opoment isntant teleport to him and hit him 3 times as long you hit him will be stuned using 1/8 of hes chakra cooldown 8 secs
3) Rasenshurnken : Throw rasen shurinken dealing heavy damage on first being touched cooldown 20 secs
4) Bijoudama rasengan kill on most charachters on 1st hit use all hes chakra cooldown 25 secs
5) Kyuubi mode can be used only once on a game and you dont have hp regenation when you use it you will get into kyuubi like the one we saw in anime when naruto get in that mode

skills : Bijoudama ball: dealing same damage like bijoudama rasengan but deal mass damage using 1/2 of your chakra 10 secs cooldown

Hashirama Senju:
1: Bringer-of-Darkness Technique : select an opoment blind him for the next 5 secs chakra 1/5 cooldown 15 sec
2: Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees creating trees under everyone dealing damage and stun them for 3 secs chakra 1/5 cooldown 10 sec
3: Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees Global effect hiting everyone at map deal more damage than nativity of wolrd of trees and stun for 2 secs using all amount of hes chakra and 15 secs cooldown
4: Wood Release: Great Forest Technique
Edit with form : like yamatos jutsu using 1/6 of hes chakra 3 sec cooldown
5:Mass resurection : resurect everyone on hes team and make them immune to all type of per second damage can be used only once on a game chakra 1/2
6: heal like sakuras and tsunande heal

Killer Bee : 1)Lariat : moving very fast hiting 1st opoment with a strong tai hit thrown him into the air dealing good amount of damage using 1/10 chakra and 1/10 stamina cooldown 8 secs
2) seven swords dance hiting everyone arround him and push him away dealing good amount of damage chakra 1/3 cooldown 6 secs
3) tailed beast arms: like the madara jutsu
4) Bijou mode : stop hes regenarate inrease hes stats a lot after he got ko will intant die for get into bijou mode you have not take damage for 5 secs when you get into bijou mode

1) Tailed beast arms use 1/5 of your chakra
2) Tailed beast ball : use all your chakra strong damage

A:1) Chidori : like kakashi and sasuke chidori
2) Lariat : like killer bee lariat
3) Lightining armor release : like sage or CS will take time after you release it you will have new jutsus and you will take less amount of damage when at same time you will deal more damage

Lighting armor jutsus :
1)Liger Bomb: Cath your target and throw him dealing heavy damage chakra 1/5 cooldown 6 secs
2)Lightning Oppression Horizontal : runing and hiting 1st opoment for heavy damage chakra 1/2
cooldown 10 secs
3) Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop: selecting a target after 1 sec you teleport at him and hit him dealing lighting opression x2 damage use full amount of your chakra 20 sec cooldown

Kabuto : is immune to poison effects and have 2lifes cause is medic
1) Heal
2) mass heal
3) poison kunai: Throw a kunai with poison poison the 1st target chakra 1/12 cooldown 0 sec
4) sage mode : be geting white like snake become stronger and geting new jutsus

1) poison bite : bite you dealing strong poison effects chakra 1/4 cooldown 10 secs
2) Sage Art: White Rage Technique : throwing a poison dragon dealing heavy damage and heavy poison effects chakra 1/2 cooldown 10 sec
3) World resurection: can be used only once on a game after 4 secs that didnt take damage will revive everyone on hes team but if hes sage mode end cause of ko everyone who is being spawn of world resurection will die

We can't basically choose the jutsus each character has, they come with sprite sheets, and some characters can't just be added until some sprite resources site has created another spritesheet for these kind of sidescroller games.

I liked the suggestions though, I'll try to add Kabuto and Killer Bee, but not yet, my main objective for now is to add more modes so it's not all about fighting the other village (: