Can't promise tonight, but in the very near future I would like to host a Wargames 2 server so I can check quickly for any bugs before I release it as the latest Beta.

I don't know what's wrong with me but I haven't done a lot of coding lately, or a lot else. I guess my mind is on other things.

If you have a particular day and time you'd prefer me to host then you better mention it now :p
Just like post it a day ahead of time, I wanna play...or host.
If you need someone else to host... Then yeah...
I've got my server set up again (it kinda got moved which is why I stopped hosting no.1 but I set it up again now) so I should be fine thanks (but then, something usually goes wrong >.>) :p

(More brackets).
xD. Alright.
Host Tonight!
I'll try my best to host tonight then. Knowing me there'll be things to fix anyway so it'd be good to host even if its not complete. I'll try sometime sensible for all you yanks. :p
You can read my latest version of the beta help file here:

It includes all updates since the one I have online at the moment that are built in that is in effect as of now.