Naruto: New Era

by Masterralphy55
A true leader puts his team before himself..
When back online ?
is it being updated or is the game closing down?
Yo Ralphy, if you want a pixel artist add my new msn the old one got blocked [email protected] you already know I'm OP at it so yeah :P
why`s the game down?
The game is down cause it is being wiped and updated. They said this is suppose to be the last wipe for a while :).
Well, If it is being wiped, I was happy to have led you Sand Village.
whens it supposed to be back on
today probably...Maj we going sound again right ? Lol this time im not going for kage..I hope kaguya jutsus are fixed too !!
it will be nice to not have OP players consistantly killing in kh for once while half of us in Leaf are trying to level
Once again, I thank you guys so much for the patience and still staying in NNG, I guarantee you this will NOT happen any more, and the update is going to be nicceeee =)
im the only one who think that village shinobi should be stronger? i mean their job is to protect us but the truth is we protect them, cuz if they die our village lose influence...
any update on the progress of the game update?
i'm looking forward to this :3
savage i think its done..It was hosted for a bit,but suddenly came down afterwards .. No idea why lol
The update is still being worked on just wait guys it will be up soon!
what the hell, server crash in the middle of chuunin exams ><
is there a problem with chuunins, i keep crashing right befor or dureing them
WTF did i get banned it still says games up but i cabt join
game is offline for now
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