This update contains some minor bug fixes that were caused from the 0.8.5 internal revamp. Not to worry, development is still continuing, albeit slowly, but hopefully this steady pace will get somewhere in the near future. :)

Version 0.8.6 - October 30th, 2009
- The Join Game interface would have issues when a host quits a game in the game lobby
- When the host logged out, players could not join or talk inside games
- New map: Icestorm (2 player fast moderate, snow terrain) - small moderate-paced map with mixed snow terrain surrounded by water

Known Issues (as of version 0.8.6)
- In certain situations that at this point haven't been able to be consistently reproduced, the recruit menu will not close. BYOND believes that the window doesn't exist, so it is safe to close the window by bringing focus to it and hitting ALT+F4
- In rare circumstances, units recruited may disappear and re-appear in other games
- In certain unknown circumstances, the game may lock out and not allow the current player to do anything except end his or her turn. Please report ASAP as this occurs during gameplay.

As usual, the Ultimatum server is up 24/7, and is located at byond:// for everyone to enjoy.