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Hello guys and gals, as you can see Sariat and I finally decided on a dev-team name and got the membership for it rolling. We chose the word 'Somni' as a play on the Latin word "somnium" which means "dream".

Anyways, onto the progress report:

* The map generator is nearly finished, only a few aspects remain, small aspects.

* The round and mode handlers work like a charm, the game modes are easy to create and expand on, so expect tons of different game modes for the first beta.

* The damage and impact system is about half finished, I still need to handle death and certain damage reactions (like broken limbs and being knocked unconscious from a head injury).

* The disaster system is ready to rock and roll (literally!) disasters are all handled in their own way making it easy to expand and add new disasters and problems.

A note from Nadrew:

I'm insanely motivated to work on this project, so I've been programming at least one major system or major system revision each time I sit down with the code, progress is happening quick and I expect some kind of playable beta real soon!
This game looks like fun, atleast from what i see from the videos and the description of the game. Well, this game seems simplistic to icon, if you need a pixel artist, page me.
Hehe, reminds me a bit more of insomnia, which I can assume comes from that root.
Somnia is Latin for 'sleep'. Insomnia means 'not sleeping'
Nadrew wrote:
Somnia is Latin for 'sleep'. Insomnia means 'not sleeping'

Makes sense, you have a 'Somni' when you are 'Somnia'-ing ;)
It's actually 'somnium' for dreams, we shortened it because it flows a bit better.
i'm assuming nadrew is being paid for his efforts in truckloads of ramen?
Mexican Candy, Hookers, Booze, and cheap cigarettes, actually.
i wouldn't really say somni flows better than somnium.
Zxcvdnm wrote:
i wouldn't really say somni flows better than somnium.

Yeah, Somnium has that cool edge to it, for some reason Somni sounds incomplete.
It sounded better when it was a bit more of a title, Sariat decided to drop the last word to the team name and I agree, it kind of ruined the feel.
I think regardless of the name, once it has something tangible to back it, it will mean something. One of those things that grows on ya!