Naruto Fantasies

by Delicronis
A Continuing Jinketsu Source.

Naruto Fantasies
Long after, and many Jinketsu sources later, we come across Naruto Fantasies, a mixture of the original Jinketsu with a ton of recoding, Naruto Fantasies is unlike any other game with it's own style of gameplay.

Glimpse At NF's Features:
23 Clans
17 Elements
Over 210+ Jutsus
Body Manipulation/Medical System
Genin/Chuunin Exams
Frog,Slug,and Snake Summon Supports
Sage,Six Path Sage,and Jinchuriki Modes
Rinnegan and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
All Bijuu's(Including Juubi!)
Quests,Lottery,and rewards!
Really bad. All the latest changes actually make the game worse.
In response to Phriend
I'm sorry you feel that way. Most of the others like it quite well. This game isn't for everyone after all.
Why is it down? :(
release the host files! Lots of people want to play this x__x.