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by Sinus
Aleks vanished again D:

Anime Showdown


Owner: Sinus

Co-Owner: Emily , Alpha369

Game Masters: N/A

Iconner: In Need Apply on Forums

Host: N/A

Backup host: Sinus

Coder: Sinus

Mapper: Sinus, Alpha369

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Hub Designer: Alpha369

We will be working hard to make this game better and better. Our goal is to have a fun, fair and reliable game that all can enjoy.Do not, this is important, keep harassing Admins for positions. Admin will be given to those who are approved when decision is made and need for admins arise. Admins will be expected to perform correctly or they will be replaced. Any problems, suggestions or concerns can be told to Aleks or Alpha.

Villages in game:

  • Leaf

  • Sand

  • Sound

  • Grass

  • Rain

  • Cloud

  • Mist

  • Rock

  • Waterfall

  • Snow

  • Star

  • Clans in game:

  • Uzumaki

  • Uchiha

  • Hyuuga

  • Lee

  • Gaara

  • Temari

  • Puppeteer

  • Hatake

  • Haruno

  • Yamanaka

  • Nara

  • Akimichi

  • Kurenai

  • Aburame

  • Inuzuka

  • Haku

  • Medical

  • Kamizuri

  • Orochimaru

  • Kaguya

  • Kidomaru

  • Pain

  • Kakuzu

  • Hidan

  • Deidara

  • Katon

  • Suiton

  • Vongola

    1. Sky
    2. Storm
    3. Rain
    4. Cloud
    5. Sun
    6. Mist

  • Shinigami

    1. Ichigo
    2. Renji
    3. Rukia
    4. Byakuya
    5. Hitsugaya
    6. Ikkaku
    7. Mayuri
    8. Zaraki

  • Spirit Master

  • Hollow

  • Quincy

  • Bounto

    1. Metal Bounto
    2. Fire Bounto

  • Saiyan

  • Super-Human

  • Bio-Android

  • Buu

  • Organizations in game:

  • Akatsuki

  • SO-Organization

  • Police Force

  • 7 Swordsmen

  • Hebi

  • Espada

  • Saiyan Elite

  • Vongola Family

  • Millefiore Family

  • Varia

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    Anime Showdown Production Staff:
    Aleks, Alpha
I'm sorry everyone, mapping and updates are taking a little bit longer than expected due to real life troubles. It's coming soon though xD.
Alpha369 wrote:
I'm sorry everyone, mapping and updates are taking a little bit longer than expected due to real life troubles. It's coming soon though xD.

im a perfesional mapper and i can host be back up but i need the chuunin and gennin codes
Would you like to map for me? At the moment im searching for a good team of staff members and of producers (mapper, iconner and gfxer [coder maybe later]). If you would like to apply for one of these please visit the forums. There you can find my MSN address and/or talk over the forum with me.

Maybe I can help a bit with the iconning. I'm not the best but I'm certainly not the worst either.
well im the iconer but i need a back up im not tht creative and not one of the best but alexks likes my work ;p
Game will be up within 2 months! I can promise you guys that!
.......... o_o
its kinda been 2 months...
Taking hella Long Guys
yeah... i wanna play before the zombie apocalypse, jk jk
Well 2 months game aint up still
well if you still need help, i can map and what nots, its Rungaroon from several years ago on Naruto, Bleach, Anime, showdown. i was the head of Police once, haha
I Highly Doubt Dis Game Will Be Back Up, Its Just Been Out For Too Long. I Kno Everyone Has Their Own Issues In Real Life But Come On Guys Lets Face It BYond Just Aint Wat It Used To Be

-Dats Masamune Fo Yo Ass- :p
C'mon man! /Yousifo
you all doubted that im ever gonna reopen this game but in fact i always had this games link open in my browser and now i decided to bring it back although im in my last school year. since im gonna be on vacation for 3 weeks im gonna try to finish some new codes and i hope there will be some mapper applications. in case that there is not gonna be a new mapper im going to put the old map in and then search for a mapper while the game is running ^^ hope u can still wait for a month (this time its really gonna be one month xD)

greets aleks
its almost the end of the month bro...
and im still just waiting for the map which is done by emily in slowmo
Long time no talk, Aleks.
well you know i'd love to move faster on it but not my fault my fingers were being broken by a asshole brother
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