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Howdy howdy, this week I've been focusing on finalizing the last few bits of the map generator and getting some of the game modes functional.

I reprogrammed the way the map generator handles generating multiple levels (floors) so that it's not quite as likely for small low-room floors to be generated. It also speeds up the process a little bit. It usually takes about 50 seconds to generate a 100x100x10 map or so (between 10 and 12 floors during my tests). Each floor has about 7-15 rooms on it.

I added two new game modes in addition to the existing 'all out chaos' mode. The first one is a generic zombie survival mode, where you have to survive approximately 15 minutes as endless hordes of zombies rock their way through the station.

The second is an electrical malfunction mode that puts you on a severely messed up station with electrical errors running rampant. This means things like lighting and door/elevator access will be iffy so you'll have to get creative to reach the surface to finish the round -- and remember, water and electricity don't play together very well.

Also, on the note of lighting, I've been doing some work on the core of the lighting system as well, it's not very far along yet but it already adds an interesting atmosphere to the game. Especially during zombie mode.

As far as programming goes there's really not a ton left to do aside from general content work, and adapting existing systems to new graphics as I get them. The brunt of the work lies in things like item content and mode creation (which is very easy thanks to creative programming). Most of the core systems are pretty close to finished as far as it goes, only needing work to make sure they work properly as I implement new things.

Sorry, no video this week -- my computer has been having massive issues lately (hardware issues, yuck) so I've been trying to take it easy on it and not do anything too resource intensive. No worries though, I backup Submerged every time I make a revision to the code.

Hopefully I can finish this stuff off before I'm forced to use a computer I can't get on the internet. When I get paid I get a laptop, so it'll solve the problem.

Stay tuned for more progress reports, and keep an eye out for beta testing. Once I get a good amount of graphics it won't take me too long to have a beta ready!
Great job. The game looks pretty good. Can't wait to see the results.
.> Why don't you program the game on the other computer, and only use your online PC for small things?
Because to use my other computer I have to gut a few things from this one. Like the PSU and keyboard/mouse.
I'm wrapping everything together that I have now and sending it to Satriat. Hopefully I have everything that you need for now.
You can email it to me at if you want, don't always need to go through Sariat =)