Resident Evil Online Rebirth

by TriSin
Resident Evil Online Rebirth
Kicking Zombie Ass!
<:3 Epic Sharingannigga.
i just wanna say that this conversation is really stupid and irrelevant because over 80% games on byond are rips and for you to single out trisin over that fact means that there is something else that bothers you about trisin and you're just using the rip thing as an excuse to claw at his throat .... thats my opinion
I'm thirteen, and I outclass all of you niglets. | D
Whybe is Dr.Penguin and me and Whybe was friend but now no because he lie to me and I could got ban by a Byond Moderator
Oh I think he is gonne report us but I know how to get out of report
TriSin then you dont need my help again with this so see you laterz and some thing I`m not online because my brother is using the computer
In response to Tadahshi
I'm thirteen, and I outclass all of you niglets. | D
^ Doc was just posting dat you rip the truth hurts no reason to gang up on him also some of us need help at times so I don't blame doc. TriSin can rip if he wants world ain't gonna end.

yay it will not end we do not know when God will come to :p
I know lots of Byond Moderators so I can help get out of Report if you need me page me
Your calling people rippers huh? Outside maybe seika(old name)and DMO every game here is a rip whether its icons or code, parts or all of it. So shut the hell up about ripping.
That mugs just mad cause he spent a whole lot of time making a game that looks like a two year old defecated it on some construction paper.
who :o?
I wish all you people would get the difference between you're and your. Claiming you're smart when you type like you failed elementary school is quite... stupid.
Hey Trisin I see you made your own game Nicely Done :D
i remember when i made my nng rip :D it was nice so people who is saying Trisin Ripped can come here and have a lecture with me...
In response to 981014
Thank's 981014 ^^ :D and hey.
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