Shakugan No Shana Online

by FiveUSSJ
Shakugan No Shana Online
Upcoming game about Shakugan no Shana anime show
I've done basics of the game, though I don't know if it's worth finishing. I don't know how many BYOND players know that anime, so if you are going to play it, add yourself to waiting list. If I will get at least 20 players on waiting list I will finish and launch the game as fast as possible.


*Possibility to become a Guze no Tomogara, Flame Haze or a Mistes

*Planned over 50 unrestricted spells and skills

*Big city map

*Character customization (Hair, eyes, clothing, skin color)

*Over 20 Hougu with different skills

*Great battle system

Thanks for reading.
this looks/sounds like it will be a very good game.
please finish it i have friends waiting with me
I want this game
please finish it cause it looks cool
Could you please finish this game? I have a lot of friends who love SnS and I am sure they'll be waiting hopefully to try this game out.
please finish and launchthis game since i will do anything to play it and i thik i is great game
i have lots of frieds tht want toplay this game so please finish this ame as soon as possie
please finish this!!! i've been searching for SnS game online for so long...please finish this game and i'm sure my otaku friends will play if this is done!!! so PLEASE...