Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Ok guys so i noticed that everyone is complaining about abusive GM'S and hosters who boot from tourny's and stuff so please read this:

What they do on there server is what they do, if you are not on eternal's official server(s) then what they do on there server is what they do on there server, i dont think eternal would log-on someone else's server and say " hey, stop booting (such-and such) player, they create there server so they can play by there own rules, if you dont like there rules then play on a different server or play on a official server that eternal created, so why that if you do have a problem eternal can actually do something about it or some other mod/admin.
Actually I can control any server, but I need proofs, not just simple comments, a screenshot would be great, or more people to confirm a situation has or hasn't happened.

It's not like you get booted, you close the window, come to the HUB and complain without even taking a minute to prove something's really happened in the game.

If a server is bad, it can be denied by me, the same thing would happen if my Presidents or me were banned in a Server for no reason, they'd get closed in few minutes. It's really happened for some servers and I doubt the hosters are really up to get their "place" closed for being stupid.
Oh so a screenshot is needed?
btw what are you doing up so late XD

whats the difference between co-server and actual server?
You mean Official Server and Co-Official Server? Well, none, both have 0 GMs, only the Presidents & Me rule there.
I am not an abusive host. So...
Im the Official host