A couple of days ago I had an idea of how to make a fast efficient mini-map for the game, this is what I came up with after about 45 minutes of programming.

The yellow is the room you're currently in (and any hallways belonging to it) the white are normal floors, gray are walls.

That's a grid control, sneaky, eh?
Very sneaky, but it looks pretty good. Mind if I steal your idea?
Go right ahead, it's not going to be nearly as quick on maps not setup like these ones though. The way I handle rooms makes it easy to access them without having to do any looping.

There's actually only two small loops in that entire system.
I can't say that I'm very satisfied with the way the graphics are looking, especially after Sariat's emphasis on getting the best of the best to work on this project.

I suppose that I should just wait though and see what this turns into in the future.

PS: I love the way this looks. drafttiles.png
Those wall icons are placeholders, I just hadn't worked in Neblim's wall icons yet. They're in now, but they're not quite as good as that, it would take some hand-mapping to do his original graphics total justice. I'll have another screenshot to post soon.
I just checked out the latest video you have on the right.
I suggest you take the deus ex approach for the interface, notice the top left corner here. deusex/deusex_screen003.jpg

What I mean is you should try to do that for the damage, and get rid of the boxes. The boxes aren't looking very good right now.
The boxes also show what item you have equipped in any given slot. The human body image isn't even the one I intend to use, it's something I snagged from Google images.