Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Well I see that Leaf got powered up recently so I would like buff to akatsuki as well.

Haku: low hp, good jutsus, weak melle, long ranged

Ice Senboo Barrage : drains 1/3 of chakra about. You throw a lof of ice senboo in front of you . Like a kunai throw but more powerfull .

Ice Mirrors: Drains most of chakra if not all. A powerfull trap jutsu in whitch eenmy cant do anything but cry . When under it and you do Ice Senboo Barrage they are hited from all sides of mirrors and it will hit them for about 80% hp. Also enemy team are ABLE to hit mirrors witch will dirtroy them with time.

Ice Spikes ; A wave of skies going trhow enemys.

Sillent Assasination : homes, drains all your chakra, If enemy in air he gets throw at ground with collosion effect. Quite powerfull

Sacfarice Jutsu: You toggle it on someone and when hes about to die you teleport there (takes 50% chkra you dont have it you cant ) and hes puched back and you take the hit that sopose to finish him .
Haku is very fast and has a high stamina, he just REALLY excels in Ninjutsu though he has a decent melee to compensate not extremly high but more along stats of extreme speed or chakra maybe both, a high stamina and melee and for chakra or speed that isn't extreme should be super high. If your gonna give a buff you must make a good character...besides Zabuza has all super highs Zabuza said Haku would supass him due to his speed/stamina and Ice Kekki Genki. And Haku took out two samurai before they reacted...