Naruto Hidden Shadows

by Lost Dragon
Naruto Hidden Shadows Performed By HL-Inc.

NHS Staff

Head Owner/Programmer - H4wk(Lost Dragon)


1. No Spamming. This includes ALL parts of the game. Result will lead in an auto ban.
2. Respect administrators and GMs.
3. Don't abuse bugs. If you find a bug, report it to the adminstrators
4. Don't complain about dieing. It's PvP and there's a Safe zone.
5. If you're going to complain about the game, Leave.
6. Don't ask for admin. When the time is right, you will gain rights for admin from the Owners.
7. Don't ask for any boosts/edits.
8. No Advertising any other BYOND Games without permission from an Owner.
9. Follow GM's Rulings.
10. Have Fun. :)

Put it on please.
Good game!