Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
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Hey i just went on the other day to NEM when i tried to join any of the servers that were up and all of them i kept getting a immediate connected died. My thoughts were Am i banned? Why? What did i do? i was able to log in just about 5 days ago.

Edit: I was just told by Quay400 that i'm banned cause i said my server was lagless and Eternal never came on to check it out. and apparently said that Eternal's game is worse than moo moo? like Wtf seriously... -.- i never said that at all. All i complained about was the homing moves and how i thought that like 90% of the game is homing moves.
Cooldude if you was trying to give a suggestion then there's a forum section for that, if you was trying to insult him and the game, then thats why.


Well i wasn't trying to insult him or the game. I didn't know if he checks the hub anymore so i didn't bother with the forum.
and about the worse than moo,moo stuff, if you didn't say it then some1 lied or was posing as you, but maybe you could of said it and u don't remember or your lying that u didn't say its worse than moo,moo.

Don't bring moo,moo up anywhere on this game, even talking about will get you banned.

but between me and every1 else on this game:
moo,moo sucks.
also i see that Final Emo said a very similar thing that you said today,

of course eternal checks the hub, this game has a donation system, his ass better check the forums/hub. lol, and plus besides i dont think eternal wouldn't check the hub, i mean like, ive posted on the hub before and he answered at night or daytime, whatever time of the day it is for him.

as im saying is, he posts on the hub, and he looks at every forum/hub topic that is posted.

btw if your server did have lag then i would see why you got banned, lying to the players! lol but seriously though if there was lag on a lag-less server than you lied and i hate it when people say its lagless but it lags.

also check the hub and you will know that he checks the hub alot.
Well how could i have lied when i said it was lag less due to Eternal not taking a minute to check out the server? I wasn't gonna just get on a server and start advertising my server. But Yes we all know "The game which shall not be named" sucks and its very well possible that i could have said....wait -.- damn it i remember now its actually what you said on the first post of the double. Its cause i mentioned moo moo on the game itself. Fuuu-