If you're going for an exact replica, you're way off. You're going to need some shading to provide the proper depth. Also, the lines on the front of the school (Your version) are just...lines. In the linked picture, they are physical indention's in the building, just like the overhangs over the windows that you don't have.

Your perspective is also off. I can see the tops of the buildings as if I am above and angled slightly down from the building - but the front looks like I am looking at it like a side-scroller (Apart from the windows - they appear to be being looked at from slightly above a side-scroller perspective).
I agree with what Albro said so I made this quick sketch. This is one of my sloppy work and its not to scale but I hope this helps and gives you an idea. Also you can have it if you want.
Thanks both of you and yea Im not a great pixel artist thats lime my limit big things are especially hard @Suzako I will be using yours thanks alot :D.

But I will be trying to make more buildings and will be showing you guys more.