Fooldom Come

by ACWraith
Fooldom Come
A subscription for rewards in multiple games.
I have not been very active lately, but another Steam sale means another opportunity to trade lifetime Fooldom Come subscriptions for games on my Steam wishlist. Normally, my multipass is $9, but a single gift sent to my ACWraith account on Steam or Gmail grants access for much less. Please put the BYOND key of the recipient in the message.

The following are a selection of the least expensive options. For more, view the entire wishlist.

Wizorb $1.79
Madballs in... Babo:Invasion $2 or gift from a 4-pack
Nation Red $2.49 or a gift from a 4-pack
Cargo - The Quest For Gravity $2.49
1000 Amps $2.49
DETOUR $2.49
Titan Attacks $2.49
Gridrunner Revolution $2.49
Space Giraffe $2.49
Data Jammers: FastForward $2.50

Dynamite Jack $2.99
Offspring Fling $3.19
Serious Sam 2 $3.39

Costume Quest $3.74
Stacking $3.74
All Zombies Must Die $3.99 or gift from a $5.99 bundle

Insaniquarium! Deluxe $4.99
Gatling Gears $4.99
Tachyon: The Fringe $4.99
The Dejobaan Complete Pack $5 (worth 2 lifetime FC subscriptions)

BEWARE of Steam bundles. They do not always grant giftable copies.