I'm less relevant around here, but I'm keeping with my tradition of trading lifetime Fooldom Come subscriptions for lone games off my Steam wishlist. Fooldom Come is a passport to my games such as Flesh And Drone, Fused Finale, Gears & Peers, MeanderGall, PathWrath 2, Wrangle, Warp And Weep and more.

Details are included in the passport's hub forum. Even if you're not interested in Fooldom Come, it might serve as a handy list of cheap game recommendations.

Fooldom Come is not a game or developer resource. It therefore doesn't get automatically included in the main forums and I'm guessing this doesn't qualify as an event. Apologies if this is now considered spam. Either way, general steam sale discussion is welcome.

Here's the hub forum post again.
I've mentioned some of these before, but here are some inexpensive games I own and recommend.

Altitude is a side-scrolling sport with aerial combat. There's fewer people on the servers these days, but Schnitzelnagler and I hop in from time to time. It's 75% off. $2.49

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda is a twin-stick platform shooter that's sort of like a more forgiving Mega Man. It's in my top three of 2011. It's 75% off. $2.49

Caster is a game I just got gifted, but I've been recommending it to people because the demo on the developer's site plays so much better than the screenshots and trailer look. It's a third person shooter that makes me feel like I'm a Dragon Ball Z fighter. It's 80% off. $0.99

The Maw is a puzzle platformer where I got to pretend I was a pet owner again. It's 75% off and offers a bundle with DLC. $2.49/$2.99

PixelJunk Eden is an exploratory platformer. The timer and lack of maps can get annoying, but the loop of collecting pollen (killing enemies for keys) and growing plants (opening doors) is satisfying. It's 80% off. $2

Serious Sam Double D is a twin-stick platform shooter that allows you to stack guns. It's in my top 4 or 5 of 2011. It's 66% off. $2.71

I disliked how the changing abilities of Trino made it feel like a never-ending tutorial, but I found it worth playing. It's 75% off. $1.25
I love the serious Sam games, I may check that one out.
Just got a hell of a deal. Skyrim and Saints Row The Third for a total of $42. Sale on Skyrim (50% off, $29) ends in like 3 hours.
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I was at a Skyrim midnight release. I cant imagine many pc gamers without skyrim by now, especially with piracy.
I had it torrented, but it's honestly more trouble than it's worth. Plus you can't use the newer mods because the latest version isn't cracked. So, at half off, I had to get it.
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Boxcar wrote:
I was at a Skyrim midnight release. I cant imagine many pc gamers without skyrim by now, especially with piracy.

I don't have Skyrim, my laptop can't run it nor can I afford it =P
I think we need to get a campaign for Nadrew .. new PC and some games to go with it?

I got a PS3 really cheap at an auction at the beginning of the year, just need to campaign to get me some games for that, yep yep. =P
Custom firmware it? simple then download games? or are you still on dial up :P
Close enough to dial-up, and not risking ruining it by modding it :)
I'll buy you Skyrim for PS3 in the next week or so if you want.
I wasn't really being serious, gifting games that are cheap and on sale is one thing; buying fairly recent non-sale games makes me uneasy.

Thanks for the offer though :)
Fortune Summoners is 75% off today. Those moe girls are number one on my wishlist, but they're going to make me miss an Indie Royale if I buy them. Frelling temptresses.

I don't have Skyrim either, but it's more because I tend to avoid big RPGs. Poor Schnitzelnagler got me Planetscape: Torment on GOG last year and I still haven't messed with it... Plus, first person games tend to give me simulator sickness and I've never been sure how much Skyrim be played in third person.

@Nadrew: Ugh. Cheaper games on PSN and you can't download them, can you? Make the campaign for better internet service! ;)
Better internet service doesn't really exist this far from town, except mobile broadband and satellite which are barely better and cost a fortune.
Today is the final day of the Steam sale, but my codependent quest to increase my pile of gaming shame goes on. Wizorb sets the minimum Fooldom Come price on my list to $1.79.

I ended up getting Fortune Summoners from Todd Barchok. Inspired by Doug Eaton, he decided to celebrate his July 25th birthday early by handing out Steam gifts to people who had interacted with him on Google+. He is also developing a skyscraper-building game called Isotower which I think is entering its beta stage.