DragonBall Z Chaotic War

by Dark Clown Ardilla
New Game is a non rip it's a original DBZ game plz join and have fun.

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Welcome To DragonBall Z Chaotic War

Game Stuff

Main Owner : Dark Clown Ardilla/ Eternal Clown GM lvl 8

Co-Owner : PJ_14/Soulja GM Lvl 7

Major Council : Joker_213 GM Lvl 6

Master Enforcer : None GM lvl 5

High Enforcer : None GM lvl 4

Medium Enforcer : None GM lvl 3

Low Enforcer : None GM lvl 2

Trial Enforcer : None GM lvl 1

Requirement for GM

1 ) You Most Have EXP Of GM Skills

2 ) Never Abuse GM Powers

3 ) you most never edit or has been ban from a game if you do you will not get GM

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...:::Player Rules:::...

Rule 1: Please Do Not Spam.

Rule 2: Please Do Not Disrespect Any Admins.

Rule 3: Do Not Death Avoiding By Logging Off.

Rule 4: Do Not Ask For Any Edits.

Rule 5: AFK Training Is Allowed Just Dont Stay AFK Forever.

Rule 6: No Swearing.

Rule 7: Do Not Ask For GM.(We Aren't Hiring.)

Rule 8: MKing Is Allowed

---If You Break Any Of These Rules It Will Result In A Boot---

...:::Admin Rules:::...

Rule 1: Do Not Edit Your Self Or Anyone Else.

Rule 2: Do Not Abuse Your Powers.

Rule 3: Do Not Summon The Dragonballs Or Secret Items For You Or Anyone Else.

Rule 4: Only Ban When Necessary.

Rule 5: Respect The Players.

Rule 6: Do Not Reboot Server Unless Some One Acts Stupid And Deletes Area.

Rule 7: Do Not Ask For A Promotion.

---Violation Of Any Of These Rules Will Result In Demotion And Could Possibly End With Ban---

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