Alchemist Classic

by Oasiscircle
Alchemist Classic
Combine elements and create chain reactions to thwart your foes!
Since there wasn't already one set up, I figured I may as well start it ;)

One green, one purple, two grays.
Yeah. Brag about it.
In response to Alitron123
Alitron123 wrote:
Yeah. Brag about it.

I invite you to beat it.
I didn't screenshot it when I did it, but one time I had 20 greens.
Haha, congrats! (:
Also, it looks like D4RK3 is a pirate. I SEE DAT uTORRENT LOGO AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT
Also looks like he is fond of it - it's in his Vista Quick Launch Toolbar (lol) in the bottom left.
The penalty for pirating is a mandatory WotS rip sentence. You know that right, D4RK3? You do the crime, you do the time. You must serve a total of 10 minutes in the WotS rip of your choice and you MUST hit the training logs at least 5 times - you may or may not survive, but that's not our problem.
He used uTorrent to get a hacked copy of Alchemist.
So that's how he got a green. ;)
lol grats alitron.
NO that's actually not a screenshot of mine; Skuller took the screenshot of my green/orange
Well, that is not my green. It is ElGear's.
It's a bit funny how you all saw the UTorrent and not the frostwire. :P

It says Skuller has the crown. That is a terrible lie.

The biggest break so far.