I got a new gateway Laptop for my birthyday (Yeah Me!! ^^) But im having problems connecting to the internet. The booklets aren't any help, but i have been trying this a couple of times. I rght click on the Wireless Netwrok Connection icon on my toolbar and i open it up, and then it asks me to choose a wireless network, but i dont know which one is mine, and then i just clicked on one randomly, but then it asks for a Network Key...where to find I need help getting connected to internet
Most wireless connections are going to be password locked. You really need to know which one is yours, and know your password. If you don't know the password, it may be on the router that you're using to generate your wireless connection. Assuming you have that.
so how do I find out which wireless connection is mine?
NejiUzumaki23 wrote:
so how do I find out which wireless connection is mine?

It's usually the one with the best signal. If the router was set up with the default settings, the network name should be the brand of your router.
Alternatively, ask the person who set it up.
ok so i see the strongest wireless network, but how do i find out my network key after that?
If you can't figure this out, then you probably shouldn't be online anyway.

Your network key is basically a password that the person who set it up uses to keep others from using it. So ask the person who set it up...if they dont know it, you can always just reset your router (usually by holding the small reset button in for a longass time)
xD I've actually figured it out now