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LightWizard wrote:
Would it be possible for us to take an approach to blog posts similar to Reddit's style with the upvote/downvote system? There would be a blog/new section, and a front page. So then we could eliminate the pointless blogs that made always made it to the front page, and moderating would be a little less strenuous.

As seen with Elation's DBZRlgr8, during the era of game rankings, that type of system is easily abused and never properly used.
Moderation of this, I think, isn't actually that strenuous. It wasn't really when the old system was in place either, and the cases where it did perhaps prove confrontational, are ones where I think we had a misunderstanding between the staff and the community about what that particular area was trying to achieve. So I'm actually inclined to say, we don't need any kind of vote mechanism or community moderation for such a system to work.
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Kidpaddle45 wrote:

I find the layout VERY boring... but again that's only my opinion.

I agree.
If the blog frontpage droped the "nay", it would be a greater web for byond's community. I suggest that highlighting the Most liked blogs of the day/week/month could be great for what it was. It would mean the blogs would be sorted out by positive intrests, and not by careless "nay's", which would be negative intrests. It would change the communitys attitude abit more positive. Also, new developers would have a much more intresting view on the community.
LordAndrew wrote:
Though perhaps if the blog feature did return, there could be two separate sections for blog posts and you could check if your post is either a [] Personal one or a [] Developer-related post.
I support this idea

I liked the blog as it was, but i think byond needed that extra positive energy in it(which i think my idea could bring).
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