Naruto New Generation

by Amad2
Naruto New Generation
A great Naruto fan game!
whats up with the server
Amad, can u get the game running again? Wanna play NNG again! :D
Amad can't, he has moved on to other projects. I can bring the game up I just need some people to advertise and bring players back.
Bring the game up i will advertise the game and bring people back
I can host 24/7 lag free servers
Here is my application.
What The Hell Man.
981014 what happrn to your game i love it and miss it?
Probably going to piss alot just added Inuzuka and Aburame so i'd love to hear some feedback of people off, but if you guys are bored, you can come play the old Naruto New Generation game while this is down ^.^ greatly appreciated! Here's the HUB. NarutoNewGeneration?tab=index we want our PLayers Back.The Old NNG was awesome and it has 40+ players it was awesome.I wanna revive that Moment were every Players enjoyed them self
Come Join and Help me Full Fill my Dream Please.
Hey guys, if you're looking for a well made NNG rip, come play mine! I have 28 original clans that aren't ripped off and crappy like this game's, and I have 6 villages. I have an element system and class system as well. In addition I have many many new and unique systems. Come give it a try!
Guys take this game 100% without lag is much easier to evolve, server never gets off, GM at your disposal ... Come :)
Naruto New Era #