Naruto: Dance of the Lotus

by Alkhalif10
Remake of the Original Dance of the Lotus

Naruto: Dance of the Lotus is an RPG/PvP game featuring a fully automated rank-up system from Genin-Hunter Ninja, original mapping, ability to make a custom clan name, in-game events, and much more!


Owner: Kitty (Spunky_Girl)
--------Supreme King (Alkhalif10)
Host: Jadox
Admin: Jado(Jadox)


Contacting the owner(s)...
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
why cant I join?
In response to Eggster
I don't see why you would not be able to join. Maybe the game had gone down that day for whatever reason.
finish clans
my screen keeps blinking. every 2 seconds it goes blank for 7 seconds then comes back for a couple of seconds then goes. Is something wrong here?
Can't join?... Haven't been able to for a week...
i cant join

I apologize guys. I brought it down because it seemed for a number of days in a row no one was playing it. I will bring it up again if people still would like to play it.
In response to Spunky_Girl
I would like to play it, and i'll bring some players.
I would also very much appreciate you bring it back online, and will assist in getting it back up in any way possible. If you need any help add my Key and shoot me a Page or E-Mail me at [email protected]
It is up now
damn where is it? it aint up again
What's going on? It comes up a day and back down a few weeks? ):
C,mon man, dont let this game die please. people still love this game and have fun with it.
Sorry guys but the player base seems to be dwindling, so I decided to just work on the game offline and by the end of the month hopefully more players would want to play the game and then it will be hosted.
Also, the saving system is kind of buggy so by the end of the year there will a player wipe and a major update.
Yeah. I believe you bugged out the saving system by changing the savefile string (aka Directory) in the code. For example:
var/savefile/s = new("savefiles/[key]/slot1.sav")
//this being original
//but you accidentally changed it to...
var/savefile/s = new("savefiles/[ckey]/slot1.sav")

Doing something so small to the string, where even capitalization matters, would break the system and cause the game to search/create a new file.

But aside from that, I think you also caused the game to act extremely slow. You may have an infinite loop somewhere. It's taking the game extremely long to process commands (even simple movement). Hell, I can't even create a new character unless I wait for 5-10 minutes for the pop-ups/interface to load. The game is up right now, so see for yourself.
We've decided to keep the game down for now until we update it. There were fewer than 5 people on it at any given point in time, as well as a lot of people being inactive who held kage/leader positions.

This will be for everyone's benefit. The bug abuse was a little too rampant.
turn me a hots, please
Woah ... 3 years without any post.
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