Fire Emblem - Binding Roads

by Megablaze
Fire Emblem - Binding Roads
Fire Emblem on byond, same feel, same game play, with multiplayer. (Hiatus)

Tired of playing Fire Emblem alone? Now you can fight others through many stages. Many features exclusively made for Binding Roads, like special allies who stay in your party until you command them to retire, only payed mercenaries leave if defeated in battle. There are also exclusive weapons and items in Fire Emblem - Binding Roads. Continue to level past 20 with rare items. Choose various battle modes (Rout, Defeat boss, Capture, Defend for "X" turns). Along with single player game play to make your way through the stages to reach the final challenge.

Next update:

- Single player AI (as an option when starting a match)
- Buy/Sell items properly from shops

Last update:

- Weapon/Item shop (system working, buying/selling delayed)
- Houses (system working, no free items)
- Reinsert music (no new music)
- Preparations for AI single player
- Fixed endless attack glitch

Current updates:

- 3 maps
- 7 characters
- 8 weapons
- 1 item
- town square
- battling/battle screen (incomplete)
- easy control input box
- stop music button (incomplete)
- bug report button
- AFK button
- title screen/overworld
- character level ups (incomplete)
- character stat viewer (incomplete)
- various admin verbs (host and owner only)
Awesome game in my opinion 5/5
P.s. I'll favorite it as my number tweo ^.^ Great effort and keep this thing going.
ERERR pie boy megablaze sup
Nice to see the updates Blaze :D
i like it not many bugs and shit for only aplha
what happened
i lov this game