Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
is the game getting an update or something? , the servers have been down for quite awhile
The game's quite old, and people rarely care for it anymore (whether to play, host, or develop). Now and again someone will put up a server, but 90% of them are extremely poorly developed - assuming that they progressed at all from what Sscral left or even the code on the hub.
i really like it
i miss playing it
Seeing that a few people want to play it, and there are no other servers, I have put my server up for a few hours today. Enjoy. :)
its too bad that no one really cares about the game's development much as it is a really good game and has a good concept to it.
Heck i might even take up byond's programming language and have a crack at developing a server sometime
Ha good luck... that code is crazy. ;3
hmm yea just had a crack at the coding -_- i think i bit off a bit more than i can chew at the moment with my current knowledge so its gonna be while till i get used to this new language but then im sure i can make a pretty decent version of DM i guess
i woulda make my own server all time but it costs too much for now
It is a very good game concept, but was executed poorly from the start, which really takes a lot of the value away from it for me. It's poor programming makes it extremely hard to work on to get it in any kind of decent shape. Ginseng's Kingdom was a great step in the right direction of what Dungeon Master could have been, but he's since disappeared off the face of the earth many times (including right now; I haven't even seen him log into the pager since probably late May/early June).

Dungeon Master has been inspiring to me from the first time I played it, and I still look at it now and again to get inspired even more. I was even creating and designing a game that is very similar to the heart of DM (and I still am) back before I knew that Ginseng was doing similar things at the same time.
Pretty much Dead as well theres a few hard core gamers whom willingly play however there isnt anyone with enough time and or experience to develop and host a updated version soo it's a dead game for now.