Naruto Unforgiven

by Edward92
Naruto Unforgiven
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One of the staff members... Crow has been teleporting to me, harrassed me the whole time i was on the game, stole 2 kyuubi from myself, lied, manipulated, doesnt help players what so ever, power hungry, ohh, and not to mention used tele/summon to steal a demon from me... Thought staff were suppose to help players, not lie about features in the game, and abuse their verbs to go on a power hungry demon stealing rampage....So until all abusive admins are removed from the game, i do not recommend anyone to play it....
Hi Narutoo9,sorry for the delay, since we don't know that "staff member" i would like to ask you few question that you could reply.

1. Your name in the game:
2. His name in the game (we will also need the key if you can)
3. Approximate time (this is just to be sure of what happen)

We will make sure to put an end in this abusive. But were there any other Admin if yes why din't you ask them.