Pokémon Eevee World Online

by Enic
Pokémon Eevee World Online
A world where only Eevees and Eeveelutions exist
A world where only Eevees and Eeveelutions exist. Are you a Eevee lover or maybe just a Eevee fan, or perhaps just a Pokemon fan? Well, then this game might be something just for you! Join the fun now!

Enic - Programmer/Owner
Liight - Co-programmer
Hub graphics made by Furiizaa.

Looking for icon artist!

Please use the report verb if you find a bug ingame.

Discord: https://discord.gg/jtKJveh
If the server doesn't respond, wait for awhile and you'll hopefully get in...
ill give 10/10 review and ill be iconner aslong as u can give me co owner/iconner
I don't want a 10/10 out of nothing. I want it if this game deserves it. Also, talk to me ingame or page me, I seriously need a iconer.
I am a good iconer i have iconed many games
Very Nice Game.
Kozuma3 wrote:
Very Nice Game.

Woho! You got membership now! :D
Great Game , It just needs to be finished -first- :3
Pokemon Graphics That arent all sketchy and unbearable. i like it.
Game's been updated... v 1.1, just need to be hosted and it's all ready.
Best pokemon game i've played in um...ages!
ill be in game all day today
hey this is the best coolest awsomest game ever theres admins u can evolve ad u can get new freinds!!!!!!!!!!!
Forum's now up!
a very great game
The game looks awesome...hmm....but,why the game is offline D= i think i can host it =3,plz,tell me if need help
Since something unexpected happened to the hosts VPS, he cannot access it for awhile because of some bullshit. I'm waiting for the save files to be retrieved, if they're not back by this week I'll take the time to update the character creation system so we'll need a wipe anyways.
A update is being worked on, but will require a wipe. Might be done with it today.
Server's back, but wiped. Not big update, didn't have enough time.

I also wont be home today.
Lol, my grandma could make better games. Seriously, this game sucks so much? kthxbai.
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