Naruto: Shinobi Sanctuary

by John liriano
Its gone to waste
I hate when great games like this are quiting :(
Gimme src, I are gonna contineau it with potential!
Agreed. Please continue this.
Hi, Im owner of Pirate Online ;

I was hoping to ask for permission to use some of your games icons such as the flames.

Please contact me at [email protected]

all credit will be given to you. I just don't want to see good work wasted and it could really help our development. Thanks!
I really wanna' know what happen to this? I can't even look back at the icons anymore because they aren't on the hub. What the fuck happened ? I'm just sitting here bored as hell lookin' at old games I use to play and games I never got a chance to play, but looked very good.
Please continue this shit it was looking amazing to be honest.
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