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(I would imagine this would apply to radio boxes as well)

Currently, when dealing with Pushboxes, at least one MUST remain is-checked=true. However, at the initial start of the world, all pushboxes are is-checked=false.

I would like to be able to reset all pushboxes back to their initial is-checked=false like they are when the world is initially ran.

It is extremely ugly and unprofessional when someone goes through a process of pushing a few pushboxes, cancels to start over, and then returning to all of the pushboxes already pushed in from before.

Currently, there is a way to "reset" the interface(s) using winset(usr,null,"reset=true"). I would imagine it would be possible to add this feature to that command's effect.
Pretty sure this is already posible.
I assure you, it is not. The only way to completely reset all pushboxes, would be to reconnect to the world.
In my tests, even on initial connection, all pushbox and checkbox groups have their last button checked automatically.

I suppose one workaround would be to create an invisible button and set it to be selected.
In all of my tests, all pushboxes are set by default to be unchecked, and everytime I reconnect, all pushboxes are reverted back to all being is-checked=false.

I suppose I will have to utilize that workaround method. I did not think of that. Thank you, DarkCampainger.
My test turn out expected results. Is there anything I should be attempting to do WITH the pushboxes to recreate this?
Please enlighten us as to what specifically your "expected results" are, and also please send us a link to a zip of the environment you are using.
Sorry, I accidently hit tab while writing that comment; keyboard slipped. Please read the edit. Anyway, expected results: came out false uppon creating the pushboxes and true uppon pressing them. Then false uppon reseting them
Alright I am now getting what DarkCampainger's results were (the last pushbox being pushed by default).

This is my test environment clearly showing the problem and the "expected solution" obviously not working.

As for NNAAAAHH - Please post a link where I can download your test environment. As of right now, I do not think you understand what I am trying to convey.
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Kk, after modifying my test to match yours; I'm recieving the same Results as DarkCampainger.

Why're you so touchy on this subject anyway?
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A clear work-around would to be to avoid assigning a group to the Pushboxes/Checkboxes/Radios and manualy checking through them all. This is admitidly very annoying and time consuming for large groups of these controls; but it works the way you would want them to.