Server Tool

by Nielz
Server Tool
Server Tool is a small and configurable server control panel which will automatically bring your game back up when it crashes!
Server Tool is a configurable tool which will restart a game automatically when it crashes or freezes.

It works with Windows and Linux.


Version 3.0
- Started servers will now be automatically saved to a list, from which you can later on easily choose and start a server. Starting a previously saved server is done by using the "Start saved server" verb.
- Fixed a runtime error, which showed up after stopping a server through Server Tool in some cases.
- Fixed a potential savefile-corrupting glitch.

Version 2.92
- Made it even more impossible for outsiders to connect to the control panel.

Version 2.91
- It should now be impossible within Server Tool to choose the same port for your game/server as the one that is used by Server Tool itself.

Version 2.90
- Changed the layout of the skin. It should be more convenient to use now.
- It is now impossible for outsiders to connect to Server Tool's control panel.

Version 2.82
- Fixed an error in the skin.

Version 2.81
- Several minor improvements.

Version 2.80
- A feature to monitor an existing server has been added. This is useful when the server was not started using Server Tool.

Version 2.75
- After automatically restarting a game due to unresponsiveness, Server Tool will now check if the port is still available, and will automatically try a different port if it is not.

Version 2.70
- Server Tool will now log important events to the log.htm file.
- Several other improvements.
Niel howecome this server tool isnt a downlodable Dm file it whould be easier to configurate it
In response to ZeeXHosting
Because Server Tool is not a library. But tell me what you would like to confure that is not configurable at this moment.