Hogwarts : Mischief Managed

by PiperHalliwellP3
Hogwarts : Mischief Managed
Live the magic...
In response to Cole.krueger
I am asking you again, please unbann me, it has been awhile and the game is going to back soon. i will make a new character, and i promise that i will stay out of trouble. no one will remember me anyways. i will make sure i will follow all rules. just please unbann me, i miss this game. :D
In response to Wizaron
The only reason i was banned was because of my sibling. he got banned from the game and because we use the same computer i got banned as well. When he found out he was banned he stopped playing BYOND and probably deleted his account. i havent seen him on BYOND in a long time. i really liked this game but i am not able to play it anymore because of my brother. can you please unbann me, i will do anything to play this game again. oh! and if you havent played this game and your reading this, i would really suggest this game! it is a great game.
Can we get an ETA?
PEOPLE PEOPLE I am going to say this once. You can not beg whine and ask "Can I please get unbanned I did nothing to get banned." Your actions are you actions. GMs do not ban you cause they think in there mind. "Oh I am going to ban this guy cause I feel like it." That would come in you being unbanned because there are also other admins on the game and getting that admin demoted or fired. So if you got banned you did not get banned cause admin's are abusing there powers you were banned cause you went and broke the game rules and maybe ruined the game for a lot of people and made the GMs/Admins jobs 10X harder. So if you were banned I am sorry to say that you can not get unbanned. But my advise to the people who were banned. Next time read the rules and follow them on other games and DON'T get banned. My advise to people who did NOT get banned. As well read the rules and enjoy the game. It makes it 10X funner if you follow the rules play the game without making other people mad and just going with the flow. Now a lot of you guys have been asking why the game is down. The game is not down. The game is currently offline and will come back. Please just wait and keep watching for the game to come back it will soon.
Please just give us a status update!
Game is never coming out, sorry guys.
So Mischief Managed is not going on for sure?
Can we just get a status update please...
Do you guys need a HOST? I could host it 24/7 on a 26GB ram, 8 processors and 10TB Computer for free. Just tell me and I will host the server.
In response to Jovana
Jovana wrote:
Do you guys need a HOST? I could host it 24/7 on a 26GB ram, 8 processors and 10TB Computer for free. Just tell me and I will host the server.

Do you just try to find a way to gain power on every HP game?
i am not arguing with you anymore, i am done, i read all the rules but you guys do not believe me. well, looks like you guys lost a player. your loss.

Is it just me, or is the game not available again? I'm confused. *scratches head* Btw, I"m Casey James on there.
Fuck you, Piper. How dare you abandon the best game on BYOND. If you don't have the time or the motivation to keep working on this game, then give it to someone who does. The least you can do is give someone the damned host files so it can be played as it is.
Keith's post has made me really wanna play this o.o I hope it does get online sometime, from the single screenshot showed, it looks like a game worth playing!
FFS Piper or w/e guy works on the game .. When will you finaly host? This is a original HP game that isn't a rip or something. It was awesome RP game, better than TWC and H:AH.I dont remember any more realistic HP game than that. Please someone host it

It's nice to see that the game is back up, although after it being down so long, perhaps the host should be clearing their ban logs and giving people second chances after a few years.
i am playing on this game right now i love it beside the fact i not found pixe,s yet i have read the guide but lol i have looked everywhere, this game is so much better then twc.. so much more realistic as well and has a nice feel too it i like the fact that make you feel more rp like.. :D i will enjoy being in this game :)there are some bugs with the icon layers like i can some times see the floor tile when i walk near building and such
Is this game still being updated?
I really miss this game. I'm fairly certain it's gone for good, but I'm still hopeful that it'll resurface one day.
H: MM Returns to Life! Muahahahaha!
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