Kingdom Hearts Special Hub(Not a game)

by Dragon227
This is not a game this is just a hub i wanted 2 make because i was bored and plus i found wierd KHS pics xD





For those who don't play KHS go play the game its awsome espically KHS2. The hub will be updated for fun and i'll try to update i on a regular basis. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT GONNA BE A GAME JUST A PLACE WERE YOU CAN LVE COMMENTS AND DO LOOK AT AWSOME VIDS I FIND.

Sora: From what i can tell Sora is the main character from the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a easy going person with a good since of justice and basically just wants to get back home. Along with him are Donald and Goofy from Disney. They travel together and eventually beat both Athsem and Xemnes.

Riku: Sora's Best friend who had fallen into the darkness. Sora and Riku grew up together on a island. Riku always seemed to be the better of Sora which angered Sora to some point.His cool atitude and ability to control the dark keyblade make him a very powerful enemy.

Kairi: Kairi also grew up with Sora and Riku. You could say that she has always known that Sora liked her(but secertly liked him back until it became obvious). She is a very Kinda hearted person who doesn't want her friends to get hurt espically Sora.

Roxas: Roxas is the nobody part of Sora that was created when Sora temporaly turned into a heartless. He lives in a town called Twlight town with his friends. Suddenly he came incounter with this strange beings known as nobodies. He also meets a person org Organization XIII named Axel. He defeats Axel later on and finds Sora in a frozen chamber. He then realizes that he was never meant to be born and returns the other half of Sora back to him. He reappears later on challenging Sora near the end of the game testing his ability and loses. Sora regains all of his powers and can go into his ultimate form. The "Final Form"