Pokémon Crimson

by Rayquaza1903
Pokémon Crimson

Owner Sean (Rayquaza1903)
Co-Owner Anagramad
Head GM Undecided
Admin Undecided
GM Undecided
Enforcer Undecided
Trial Enforcer Undecided


1)Do not curse.
2)Do not advertise.
3)Do not spam.
4)No multi-keying. There may not be two players on with the same IP address. We don't care if you have a sibling. Take turns.
5)Do not abuse any bugs you find. Report them to us.
6)Do not use excessive caps. You may only use them to emphasize something.
7)No threats of any sort. We don't care if you were kidding. You will be punished the same way as if you made a real threat.
8)If you are using a guest key, you will not be in trouble. However, you will not be able to obtain ranks or prizes.
9)Follow any extra rules that GMs make. If you feel that it is an unfair rule, report it to a Co-Owner or Owner.
10)If you have a problem with another player, consult a GM. Do not start arguments over OOC.
11)If you think a GM is abusing his or her powers, report them to a higher authority.
12)Listen to all GMs.
The Golden Rule: Do not ask for GM. First Time: Mute & a Warning. Second Time: Ban. We are very strict with this rule.

GM Rules:

1)Never ever may you disobey any normal rules. First Time: Strict Warning. Second Time: Demotion
2)Help any players if they need it.
Cases in which to not help them:
- If they ask to be taken to a Pokemon. They must find it on their own.
- If what they need help to do is against the rules.
- If you think that it will be unfair to other players.
3)Never abuse your powers. If you are reported for abuse and a Co-Owner or Owner thinks you need to be punished, your most likely punishment will be either temporary demotion or permanent demotion.
4)Do not overuse Announce.


Rock Gym (min: lvl 30 max: lvl 35): Open
Water Gym (min: lvl 40 max: lvl 45): Open
Ice Gym (min: lvl 50 max: lvl 55): Open
Flying Gym (min: lvl 60 max: lvl 65): Open
Grass Gym (min: lvl 70 max: lvl 75): Open
Fire Gym (min: lvl 80 max: lvl 85): Open
Ghost Gym (min: lvl 90 max: lvl 95): Open
Dragon Gym (min: lvl 100 max: lvl 105): Open