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Hey, i noticed you were looking for an iconner. I'm still a noob though, but i could help. I've only iconned clothing for naruto my nindo. But i'm willing to learn more... contact me pls
I noticed you need help with programming. I am willing to help you program the game.
I am not a expert though.
Contact me plz.
Blake you know him? Cool Zach
hey man
Hey keaz haven't heard from you in awhile....
Hope to hear from you soon.
AAWWW hehehe
can i be admin for one of your games?
Listen... I was Enforcer in your game, but The Legendary Madara banned me for no reason... If you can, please unban me . He banned me with IP ...
Funny :D
i LOVE ur games there all my favorite.
Ever since naruto shippuden online went down i have been hosting on my pc but when i click host it says this requires the game to be running on your machine and my sharingan has 267 uses and only lvl 1 i also want to try oout admin powers can you help me