Knights of the Zodiac Adventure(Remake Demo)

by TheDarkChakra
Knights of the Zodiac Adventure(Remake Demo)
Join Seiya and the others in their quest to stop Master and protect Athena!
Hello, if anyone would like to help me on this game in any way(from coding to game design etc...) you are welcome!!

My Skype: ssunlimited1
My MSN/Email/Yahoo Messenger: [email protected]
aim: baby vegitto
Do you have MSN?
Yes but give me yours so that I can add you because for some reason my software(pidgin) doesn't let me be added by others. I hope it will add you.
Mine is (removed for safety)
However, I'm using Pidgin as well.
Okay I added you.
You'll have to tell me your MSN, I didn't get any notification =/
aw darn it, it might not work: [email protected]
Added you.
See I have this problem with pidgin. It doesn't always add people on MSN. Maybe its because of my router. I don't know. Do you have AIM on pidgin too? That might work.
Nope, sorry.
are you still looking for hosters? i cant host 24/7 but i can host a good majority of the time
This game needs no hosters
Why not?
Its downloadable
It seems I added you, but you're never online. Do you ever turn on Pidgin?
See thats the problem with my pidgin
In that case, please add me on your pager.