by Yukay Karyuu
A semi-sandbox, and strict-roleplay game.

Introducing a new roleplay game bringing you fair & satisfying gameplay along with never-ending activities and a whole bunch of whoopla. Create in the new world of a new era and become anything you want!
You can become a crazy psycho scientist who rules the entire universe, a crazed ape with a lust for greed, or a demonic spirit plotting against an eternal take over of the world. All of what was not possible in other roleplay games, is possible here.

The Yoker - Map Development
Gentlemin - Map Development
Spirit Punch - Graphics
Looking forward to it.
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This is the second top of my list for byond games I'm looking forward to you should post some screen shots on hub or at least give us a reason why you don't i hope i get to play this game.
If testing goes well, I'll gladly help this game.
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*is excited for testing* I'm more excited for this testing than I was to see Freaknik, and I was ultra excited for that.
You just missed the testing xD..
God dammit lol. I hate laying down now. >_<
lol, naked babies
We Have baby suits.. in clothing shop.
host game plz
looking nice keep up the good work
Thanks, I'm actually almost done with all of this mapping.

Guys if you would like to be a closed tester just say so on here.
I want to be a tester? Oh btw Yuk Yuk, -Yukay- It's raverboy from finale
Yukay Karyuu wrote:
Lol why do you still call me Yuk Yuk xD Apply on my site or ask Ryuk.. i dont accept from asking either where else accept with applications. Ehhh...........
No idea Yuk Yuk, It just sounds funnishly cool.

Yuk Yuk sounds like your calling me "Yuky"
Once again you've motivated me to make a great Naruto game. ^_^ Keep up the work on this though...I see you've improved on your art. lol Good luck!
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