I am looking for pixel artist, that can create good quality hairs, cloths, weapons, and attacks for the games in BYOND Pittsburgh (Hitman Reborn, Ninja World Invasion, D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater)and if you think you can help out please message me and i'll have you do a test icon.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Here i am looking for a new base to use as you can see from the picture the current one isn't all that great. I am working on this game currently. (If you would like anymmore information pls contact me)

Hitman Reborn

Hitman reborn

The base for this game was given to me by a pixel artist claiming it to be his, actually ripped from gaining, this game is being worked on and what i need is attacks hairs weapons and cloths


I started this game from scratch so im am more or less at 0% and looking for the most help on this game

Ninja World Invasion

This game was being made last year and i was not programming but just mapping and the person who was helping me basically made it from a ripped source. So im starting from the ground up on this one.

If any pixel artist would like information on any of the games talk to me about it, and its not required but it helps if the anime is known

In the case of graphic artist i need someone who can use renders,make backrounds, and accurately use brushes

MSN - [email protected]
Would ya lookie thar, I got ripped.
well i did tell you what happened , psst that's why i am looking to get another made
Lol it's fine. You can use ours if you want.