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Our latest project, has grown from an abstract document with a codename, into a design document with direction. The game-to-be will be known as Scorn Earth.

Scorn Earth is to be the next member of our Efencea themed games--hopefully we won't overstep our bounds as with ERPGA. The game is set on Earth after a war, an apocalypse, some more war, and then a brief period of 'peace'--which ends with the advent of this game.

I previously summarized the game as, "a Civilization-esque game, but with a large focus on units, or groups of people, their use, and growth." In more detail, we will be creating a game in which tribes/fledgling cultures clash in an isometric world. Our design documents typically have both a set of keywords that define the idea behind the game and then a more detailed concept.

The short version: Post Ancient Apocalyptic Turn-Based Strategy Efencea Tribes [chess-like :D]

The long version:
Concept: Players will build an empire from a starting tribe. The game will be largely unit-centric. Units are all just individuals or groups of individuals. Giving a unit weapons will make them a military unit. Giving that same unit pickaxes would make them miners. Traits will further allow classifications to be formed. The previously mentioned miners might earn themselves the 'Of the Earth' trait, giving them a bonus to their health. Similarly, if a player has a talented merchant that merchant might earn a revenue boosting trait. There will be three elements of management, economic, military, and social. The game will be played either singleplayer or multiplayer with multiple victory conditions.

(Three Elements of Management)

Each element may be divided further as shown:

(Element Subportions)

As far as the elements go, we intend to allow multiple avenues to players as to how they want to play. If you focus on your economy, there should be some way for you to deal with your enemy's super army.

(Many Paths to Victory)

Say, you have tons of resources but have failed to build a sufficient army for an impending attack. You will be able to hire other players to help defend your territory. This will be dealt with in the form of quests.

That's all for now. Our design document has more detail than given here, but we're still fleshing out the details.

O.O I hope you get this project out and going.
As do I. :D
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