Star Wars: Clone Corps

by F0lak
Fight as a Clone Trooper to save the galaxy from the Seperatists!
usaime dude can you host again
Yo. I will now be hosting this hopefully 24/7 just to let you guys know.
Good game! But it would be nice if it would be updated with Purchesable armor/guns/unlockable equipment/events/and a Free roam
Agreed, we want updates! Once you get the time, we know your busy. A lot of bugs that are super annoying need to be fixed.
is this game looking for an admin!im great at being that
I'm liking this game a lot. It's cool when there's 8 troopers lined up ready on the dropship, and then you go in blasting.
uh the server went down and now there are no servers
I can host this if you all want me to, I tend to host near 24/7.
I've got a server up now. Join if you want in on some easy missions for new guys or hard one for veterans.
Jackie I can't join your serveryru to join mine ok
Can someone host a game of this?

Because i love it.
i hosted
i need ppl tto join :|
Why does this game like never get hosted?
i hoster a server if anyone wants join
i on server right now and my connecting has not failed
Oh my god Cart, i wanna join your server why is my connection failing?

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