Star Wars: Clone Corps

by F0lak
Fight as a Clone Trooper to save the galaxy from the Seperatists!
In response to Rocketgary555
Rocketgary555 wrote:
Why does this game like never get hosted?

I question that myself.
i hoster a server if anyone wants join
In response to Darkwolf2311
Darkwolf2311 wrote:
i hoster a server if anyone wants join

i on server right now and my connecting has not failed
Oh my god Cart, i wanna join your server why is my connection failing?

I will be hosting when i have free time so check it often :D
In case you guys want i can host this 24/7 lagless
Hello, I host this game 24/7.
Fan Doniu Host:

And me here:

Also, this is hub for Doniu Host: (in alpha test, still not even read, but in future it will lunch)

If you got any questions, want something from me - PM :-}
*If somone would like to adversite my hosting - feel free to do it.
** Owner of this game/program, you have done a good job.
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